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You know you should be blogging.

(But it’s not happening.)

That’s where we come in.

What’s your blogging problem?

Is it that you don’t have time? That you’re all over the place? Or that you don’t have a writer you can entrust with the task?

Whatever your reason, we have a solution. Next Level Content is your opportunity to hire a ghostwriter who speaks your language. Our focus on Brand Voice ensures that both you and those who write for you are speaking the language of your company. It’s the only way to outsource blogging while making sure that your content portrays your business authentically, to the right audience, with the goal of building meaningful connections.

With two unique service options, we make blogging easy.

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Blog Writing Service Benefits

  • Every blog will be 100% original and unique. We never duplicate or spin.
  • Your blog will always be current, relevant, and interesting.
  • Name the topic or have us suggest topics based on keyword and trend research.
  • Search Engines love new blog posts!
  • You’ll have plenty to talk about on Social Media.
  • Every post will have a purpose.
  • The language of your blog will be consistent with your brand.
  • Your posts will be written for your audience.
  • Clarity in your message on your blog and on every platform where you communicate your vision.
  • It’ll be easy to post consistently and on schedule.
  • Each post will be optimized for search engines.

Blogging Support for Entrepreneurs

It’s a thing that happens to entrepreneurs. You’re passionate about your brand, and you’re constantly elevating the conversations around you. When it comes to writing about your brand, though, you tend to hit a wall. What do you say? How do you write about the brand you’ve created, and make a real impact with your words? Even when you know what you want to say, it’s so hard to make the time to do it right. You’ve looked into other content writing services, but they all feel….meh. You might have worked with another content writing service in the past, with lackluster results. These other services don’t work because the content writers don’t get to know you, your brand, or your audience. Without that knowledge, how can they write clear and meaningful content? To build real connections, your message must be authentic and in line with your vision. It needs to have a simple clarity. When a stranger reads it, they need to immediately understand the meaning behind your message and to feel a connection with your brand.

That’s where I can help.

I take a deep dive into your brand and your mission, then take over finding topics, drafting, and posting to your blog. Your content speaks from the voice of your brand, and you’re freed up to focus on building your vision. Some people call it ghostwriting. I call it Next Level Content.

Blog Writing Service Features


Brand Voice Discovery Process

Ensures that both you and those who write for you are speaking the language of your company.


Keyword Research

To make sure your message connects with the right audience at the right time, we research keywords and trends for all blog posts. This identifies new opportunities and improves on existing keyword strategies.


No Long-Term Commitments

We’d love to handle all of your business content, but we’re happy to provide occasional, intermittent, or a la carte service.


SEO Copywriting

Search engine strategy is critical to your content efforts. SEO content writing comes standard with our services. We’re here to make you more visible, elevate your voice, and build meaningful connections with your readers.


100% Original Custom Content

No spun or syndicated content here. Every word I write is authentic to your brand.


Featured Images

Articles with images get 94% more views than those that don’t, according to marketer Jeff Bullas. We include one with each full-service post.


Blog-Ready Content

No editing needed. Your blog content will be written in your voice, with the right message and meaning, and copy-edited for correctness.


External Links

Links to high-quality external articles enhance your readers’ experiences and provide them with supporting details.


Internal Links

Links from your post to other relevant pages on your site are included.  Strategic anchor and title text enhances SEO opportunities.

Request a Free Consultation

The process starts with a 30-minute phone or video call. We'll discuss what you stand for, where you are today, and where you want to go. I’ll share the opportunities I envision, and we’ll decide whether we want to work together. There’s zero pressure!

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