Want more time? Give me 5 minutes.

Do you even know how many emails you ignore? Or how many mailing lists you’re signed up for? Email clutter isn’t worth the time and brain space it would take to manage it.

There’s no reason to have email clutter.

Just go to Unroll Me, enter your email address, and see all your email subscriptions in one big list. You can unsubscribe from all, some, or none. I’ve unsubscribed from 87!

If you want, you can have all the newsletters you do want bundled into one daily digest. That means all of the email, in just one email a day.

Unroll Me is free and secure, and you can go back and see your subscriptions any time.

So stop spending time reading about it. Go end your email clutter!

(This video is here in case you’re a visual learner. But watching it is really not necessary. This is super easy!)

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