Do Google updates scare you?

Did you like penguins and pandas just fine until they became synonymous with plunging your business into a hopeless abyss of invisibility? Ouch.

There’s reason to be scared. Those updates are going to keep happening. Google will continue to change its algorithm, and businesses will continue to drop out of the rankings as a result. You can’t change that.

What you can change is what happens to your site during a Google update. If you spend your time consistently publishing real, meaningful content, you won’t sweat the updates. You might even go UP in the rankings when other businesses go down. That’s because most companies are publishing spam, and in Google the cream will always rise.

Spam hurts. Real content doesn’t.

These are all the ways Doable’s original branded content won’t hurt your business.

It won’t hurt to write.

Know what feels better than writing your own content? Actually publishing your content. If you’ve been struggling to write content for your website, blog, or social media, you can outsource it! Writing your own content isn’t as important as making sure it’s written by someone who believes in your business. When you’ve finally connected with a writer you trust, someone who really “gets” you, you’ll be so relieved!

It won’t hurt your rankings.

You know as well as anyone that someone is spending a fortune on spam. I know all about SEO, and I won’t make it your job to be the spam police. My content is 100% original and written from scratch for your brand. I don’t copy it from anywhere. I don’t resell it to anyone else. My goal is to add lasting value to your content assets with every post and page I produce.

It won’t hurt your brand.

Doable content is written for your brand, so understanding your brand comes first. When you outsource your content to Doable, you get content according to schedule that matches your brand’s voice. I combine branding know-how with web-content expertise to make your brand stronger and more visible.

It won’t hurt your credibility.

I do extensive research into your brand, your market, your competitors, and every topic that I write about. As a human, I’m sure to make mistakes, but you’ll always have the chance to edit your content before it’s published. If anything ever goes wrong, even beyond your content, I’ll be standing by to help you manage your online reputation.

It won’t hurt your customers.

The worst thing you can do is offend your customers. Some good ways to do that with content include wasting their time and insulting their intelligence. My content speaks directly to the people you’re trying to reach and gives them information they can use. It’s also be concise, correct, and considerate. I don’t want them to remember your brand for the wrong reasons.

It won’t hurt to pay for.

Doable Online Marketing is a lifestyle business built on serving lifestyle businesses. I understand that you’re not counting on an angel investor or the next round of funding. My prices are determined by the actual amount of time I spend focused on your content and support. My hope is that our successful content will make money for your business, add to your resources, and generate positive karma.

Does the word “content” make you cringe?

If it does, kudos for making it this far. Experience the joy of outsourcing! Get in touch to chat about your brand, explore some strategy, and make publishing content a whole lot more Doable.

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