Bee Smart Social Media

Project Description

Bee Smart Social Media was launching a new website to expand its services and access new niche markets. Great website and ongoing blog content would be vital to keeping this company visible at the national level in the ultra-competitive social-media marketing arena.

Project Details

Client Bee Smart Social Media
Business Type B2B
Skills Website Outline, Homepage Outline, Content Strategy, Blogging

website content outline service

Project Feature

For Bee Smart’s website to compete and convert, its content needed to be highly strategic. The content strategy was built around keyword research and purposeful on-page elements. The website and homepage outlines made the client’s and web designer’s work more efficient and their results more effective.

Jess isn’t an outsourced content writer. She’s a strategic partner. You can give her an idea, and she’ll run with it, and produce content that’s better than what you would produce. I’ve worked with outsourced content writers in the past, and the level of detail I had to provide to them made the process inefficient, overwhelming, and frankly, a waste of money.

Jess is the complete opposite of that. If you don’t have a lot of time to write, or even manage someone else to write content for your business, you need to work with Jess. Give her an idea, or suggested a topic, and the content she produces will be above and beyond anything you (or anyone else) would produce.

Julie Bee

Founder, Bee Smart Social Media

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