Project Description

Talk about a prolific content creator! As one of America’s largest online candy retailers, was juggling a ton of content. Challenges included freshening up the site’s 3,000+ product descriptions, increasing email marketing conversions, and implementing a cohesive strategy for blogging and social media.

Project Details

Business Type  B2C
Services Website Content Writing, Content Strategy, Email Marketing, Product Descriptions

Email Marketing Content

It’s hard to nail down one message that’s relevant to tens of thousands of subscribers. We developed targeted personas, then added sophisticated segmenting and analytics capabilities to our email marketing efforts. By targeting unique audiences directly based on their interests and behaviors, we dramatically increased both open rates and conversions.

Ecommerce Product Descriptions

Five individual colors of M&Ms, sold separately, can each use the same description, right? Not online, they can’t! We transformed 3,000 short, boring, or manufacturer-supplied product descriptions into unique, informative, search-engine friendly content.

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