Cleaning Essentials

ecommerce retail content client

Project Description

Cleaning Essentials was a fantastic brand with a very small digital footprint and big content marketing ambitions. First we expanded and optimized the website, improved blog and social media integration, and branded strategic publishing points. Then we created a one-year editorial calendar and systemized content production so that consistent posting would be easy and efficient.

Project Details

Client Cleaning Essentials
Business Type B2C
Skills Content Strategy, Website Content Writing, Product Descriptions, Search Engine Optimization, Editorial Calendar Planning, WordPress Support

Editorial Calendar Planning

Beyond just planning posts, we did keyword research to identify high-opportunity themes that would align with brand messaging. Then we fed all those post topics into a Google calendar to make them easy to access and share.

Amazon Product Descriptions

Multi-channel sales are key, so we drafted new Amazon product descriptions and optimized product listings to increase off-site conversions.

Jessica has completely redefined our relationship with content and social media marketing. Before working with Next Level Content we considered the creation and management of online information to be a burden on our time and resources. We looked at social media as a necessary evil, something we knew we had to do if we wanted business to look professional. We knew there was greater potential and luckily we were introduced to Jessica at Next Level Content.

Jessica provided us with:

  • An outline of recommendations for additions to our website
  • A basic SEO/Reformatting of our existing blog posts
  • Setup and integration of Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest
  • Outline of optimal blog post format and procedure
  • Schedule of Social Media procedures for FB, Twitter and Instagram
  • Keyword driven blog post suggestions
  • Editorial Calendar, a full year worth of blog and content posts, scheduled and organized

With Jessica’s help, we were able to turn a cumbersome task into an efficient and streamlined system that generates customers and revenue. As a business owner with a busy schedule who did not give social media and content the priority it deserves, using Next Level Content to create a social media system is one of the best decisions we could have made.

I would encourage anyone who recognizes the tremendous potential of social media and content marketing but does not know how to get started, contact Jessica at Next Level Content. Seriously. Do it.

Mike Robinson

Founder, Cleaning Essentials

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